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Prayer Doodles

What is a "prayer doodle?"
peace and hope for world
hand healing
foot healing
romans 15 13
praying for myself
give me your eyes
forgive me
faith hope love
colorado and arizona wildfires
armor of god

Some years ago, my friend, Staci, loaned me a book about doodling while praying. I had always had a really, REALLY difficult time being focused in prayer and usually found myself going over shopping lists and to-do lists about 30 seconds into a prayer. (In fact, I scored big fat zeroes in the "prayer" category on every spiritual gift assessment I ever took.) I was thrilled to discover that drawing and coloring while I prayed helped my scattered brain to stay focused and I finally began to find power in my daily time with God! I loved that it gave me something concrete that I could keep coming back to and work on as I prayed over a period of time for a specific issue or person.


I also discovered that I could pass along the blessing. Being able to give the doodles to the people I prayed for really meant something to them. They were able to "hold" and "see" the prayers that had been prayed for them. I am always moved to tears when I hear that someone keeps their prayer doodles in special places where they can see them especially when they are feeling down or discouraged. Several of my sisters in Christ asked me if I could draw them some doodles that they could color while they prayed and I decided to give it a shot. From that, my Doodle Dee Doo coloring book was born. (available to buy on the COLORING BOOKS page)


Every day, I am honored to be able to lift others in prayer. Whenever I do, I am reminded that we are to "pray for each other" (James 5:16), "love one another" (2 John 1:6), "be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer" (Romans 12:12) and "walk humbly with God" (Micah 6:7). 

For a tutorial on how to create a simple prayer doodle, please click the "Prayer Doodle Tutorial" button below.

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