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Glass Heart Campaign

A few weeks ago, we began an unofficial campaign to gift essential workers, medical professionals and first responders with glass hearts as tokens of our appreciation. We had no idea that these little things would gain such a following and create such a demand. Thank you to everyone who inquired about buying them or having them sent to a loved one. We have been honored to be part of encouraging so many people!

We also thank you so much for your patience as we worked to figure out our strategy for meeting the unexpected demand for the hearts. We are selling them in our Etsy shop – there are some listed now and there will be more selection and colors available as we gain more access to our glass suppliers. We will continue to donate hearts to first responders, medical staff, and essential workers as much we can, using the profits from the hearts we sell to help cover the manufacturing costs and shipping for the donated hearts.

If you are interested in purchasing hearts, please visit our Etsy shop:

If you are an essential worker or know of an essential worker who could use the encouragement of one of our glass hearts and included message, please message me back with their information and we will put them on our list and get a heart out to them as soon as we can. Custom orders are not always possible due to time and supply availability, but we will do what we can to accommodate them.

Stay safe and be kind to one another,

Andie & Staci Vendor 5 Creations Mesa, AZ

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