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What is the Glass Heart Campaign?

The Glass Heart Campaign was born out of the COVID-19 Pandemic. My partner in crime and art, Staci, and I wanted to do something to let people on the front lines know that they were being thought of, appreciated, cared about, loved and most importantly, PRAYED for. We both had loved ones on the front lines of this thing and we knew that there were great sacrifices being made and a huge toll that goes way beyond the physical exhaustion. 

Because we are artists and work in a variety of media, we wanted to select the best media that would get our message across and be something that could be carried in a pocket but not carry germs. We decided that fused glass was the way to go!

The process is fairly simple, if a bit time consuming. We use scrap pieces of colored and clear fusing glass from our many projects and cut and glue them into heart shapes. Then we put the hearts into a kiln where they are subjected to intense heat. The heat melts the glass pieces together, softens the edges and makes the entire piece significantly stronger. 

The beauty of this process is that this is also what we have prayed for each of the people we make hearts for. That each of them would come through the fire of a hellish experience stronger and more beautiful than before this craziness erupted into our world. 

Bonus - glass can be sanitized!

Over the last three years, we have mailed out/given away over 2,000 hearts - and they've been sent all over the globe! We continue to make the hearts and give them away. We also sell them (and other items) at our Etsy store (Vendor 5 Creations). 

Much love from us both,
Andie & Staci

If you are interested in purchasing hearts, please visit the Vendor 5 Creations page  - it will link you to the Etsy shop.


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