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Who is the Nut House Mama?

I am Andie, a fifty-something mom of three, "Mom Pop" to two amazing grandkids and wife to a long-time aviation nut. I love nature - especially geology and animals and am most at peace in the mountains and at the beach. (My heart belongs to the mountains but my soul belongs to the sea...) I am a medical assistant and an artist who is just running with the crazy curve balls life throws at me, my family and friends (who call me the "Nut House Mama"). I believe in Jesus, prayer, miracles, travel, the healing power of humor and hope, hugs, paying it forward and appreciate a fine, icy craft beer at the end of a long day.


Art has been a lifelong passion of mine and it has played a major part in my life as a wife, mom, friend and ministry leader. Over the past several years, I have found that using art along with prayer can be a powerful coping tool for overcoming anxiety and allows me to fulfill my mission of reaching out to others and reminding them that they are not alone. (It also gives me a chance to work out my "inner squirrel" energy and an outlet for a nearly pathological need to create things.) This has led to a ministry of "prayer doodles" and the creation of coloring books that others can color while they pray or meditate. 

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